Auto Pawn

Vehicle Pawn Services

We Loan Money on Cars , Trucks, Vans, SUV's, Motorcycles, Jet Skis, Boats, and Heavy Equipment. We are interested in helping you out with a loan on almost anything of value. 99% of the people who take out these loans pick them up. The money can be used to save your home, or just about any emergency you think people need money for.

Here are some pictures of the type of vehicles we take in. We secure the vehicles one of our many secure facilities. The vehicles are not to be shown to anyone but the owners. Your privacy is respected here, we don't allow enquirers or other people to ask about your loans. We are professional and confidential service.

We loan to the Stars, high profile people, and regular 9-5 joe or jane, from all walks of life and we tend to treat all with the same level of respect. Come on in and do a loan with us! We appreciate your business and love to be your personal resource and choice Preferred Pawnshop in which you do business. No Foreclosures for up to 12 months.